Our Board Members

Jeremy Nienow

Jeremy Nienow, President

Jeremy Nienow is a passionate cultural resource preservation liaison, Cultural Resource Management consultant, and educator, actively pursuing new energies, technologies and projects within local county organizations, higher education, and the professional heritage preservation community. As an educator Dr. Nienow has taught at public and private higher education institutions throughout the Twin Cities. As a registered Principal Investigator in historic and prehistoric archaeology, he has 25 years experience in throughout the Midwest and Midatlantic. He owns and operates Nienow Cultural Consultants LLC, actively serving both the historical society and archaeological communities in all aspects of the profession including board service, conference organization, public speaking, and scholarly publication. Dr. Nienow enjoys blurring the lines between educator and professional archaeologist.

As CMA member, he has served as Editor, Vice President, and Chair of the Professionalization Committee. He has co-chaired the CMA Symposium for over 12 years and organized the Elden Johnson Distinguished Lecture for six years. Currently Dr. Nienow’s archaeological research has focused on the early hinterlands of the Twin Cities metro area. On the western side, he has lead cultural resource investigations of late 19th century tourism on Lake Waconia. In the eastern metro, his public-led archaeological survey centered on smaller lakes interspersed throughout northern Ramsey County. Both avenues of ongoing research have produced a wellspring of knowledge which Dr. Nienow looks forward to sharing with the general public .

Laura Koski

Laura Koski,
Vice President

Laura Koski is a registered professional archaeologist with over eight years experience in archaeology spanning both academic and cultural resource focuses giving her a diverse background in both historic and prehistoric sites and cultural materials. Ms. Koski currently works as a contract archaeologist, zooarchaeologist, and CRM-specific GIS specialist supporting Minnesota and the greater Midwest. She recently completed a MSc in Zooarchaeology at the University of York gaining expertise to complete in-depth archaeological faunal and archaeological analysis. She has a special interest in providing faunal analysis for both historic and prehistoric sites to better increase our understanding of the relationship Minnesota’s past peoples had with the environment, and how this relationship impacted and shaped these cultures through time.

Her Geographic Information Systems training provides her with a skill set in map use, creation, and interpretation. Ms. Koski also trained in the Transylvania Bioarchaeology field school through Durham University giving her with the knowledge and skill set required to identify and conduct a basic analysis of human remains. As a member of the CMA, Ms. Koski is interested in fervently pursuing an increase in student members while looking for ways to increase professional development, teaching, and networking opportunities that will benefit both the region’s established archaeologists and the local field’s newest professionals. Please contact Laura Koski at ljoreenl@gmail.com for inquiries regarding membership.

Fred Sutherland

Fred Sutherland, secretary/treasurer

 Dr. Fred Sutherland is devoted to exploring new ways we can engage with our shared cultural legacies through with various organizations. As a registered, professional archaeologist with over 15 years experience, Fred has led teams in archaeological research, fieldwork, and laboratory analysis. As an educator, Fred has integrated his love of archaeology within K-12th grade lessons, community-college programs as a professor and lifelong-learning lecturer. He has collaborated on production of blogs, multi-media presentations, and orientation videos for historic sites. Fred also had the pleasure of engaging with the public in the roles of 1820s soldier, cook, and blacksmith at Historic Fort Snelling for five years, including leadership in the archaeology summer camp program. 

Fred helped found the Great Northern chapter of the Society for Industrial Archaeology and has been a CMA board member for over 7 years. Fred’s doctoral research led former Minnesota iron-mining district residents to document over 450 historic properties and sites. His master’s degree research in, and role as a historical advisor for a state park helped document an 1840s iron smelting furnace complex, create conservation priorities, and improve site interpretation methods. Fred recently started Sutherland Relics and Rust LLC to facilitate collaborations with institutions and organizations involved with cultural heritage, including summer camp programming, artifact conservation on collections used for local history education, and finalization of an orientation video.

Anastasia Walhovd

Anastasia Walhovd is the CMA newsletter editor.

Anastasia Walhovd, owner of Makoons Consulting LLC, is an archaeological consultant currently working on projects in the greater Twin Cities area. Her unique perspective as a tribal member of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and as an archaeologist informs her relationship to the projects she is engaged with and the communities that the work most impacts. Ms. Walhovd aspires to improve relationship between tribes and archaeologists, and to educate the general public on the value of American archaeology. Her field school experiences at the Indian College at Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts and at San Jose de Moro, Peru furthered her interest in complicated European/Native American contact narratives. She has been the Editor for the Council for Minnesota Archaeology’s newsletter since December 2018. Before working in cultural resource management, Anastasia was a paralegal and legal administrator in law firms in Wisconsin and Minnesota. She has also worked multiple positions in the department of natural resources for the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. Anastasia earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology from Harvard College and plans to enroll in a master’s program in the near future. She is available for inquiries regarding the CMA newsletter via email (Anastasia.Walhovd@gmail.com).

Tim Tumberg

Tim Tumberg is the CMA Past President

Tim Tumberg has an M.S. in Industrial Archaeology from Michigan Technological University and a Ph.D. in Anthropology with a specialization in historical archaeology from the University of Arizona. Since January 2018 he has been an archaeologist with the Minnesota Department of Transportation Cultural Resources Unit, and prior to that he managed the Cultural Resources Program for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Trails and Waterways for almost 17 years. Tim’s particular area of interest is the history and archaeology of the copper and iron districts of the Western Great Lakes, and he has also worked on projects focused on the milling, logging, and ice harvesting industries of the Upper Midwest. Tim believes professional archaeology must include a commitment to ethical behavior and the widespread dissemination of
accurate information. He has presented more than 40 papers to the public and at local, regional, and national professional conferences, and he has organized or participated in numerous other public historical and archaeological events such as tours and “hands on” archaeological digs.